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25.11. 19h mercy Techno Gaslighting Special

On the 25th November, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, #mercyTechno will present a show that concerns a devastating form of psychological violence: #Gaslighting.
A pattern of abuse that may develop as much distress, if not more, as physical aggressions and it escalates to the point where the harmed ones lose their own sanity and integrity.

While government and society keeps ignoring this or categorising these misbehaviours under the name of “#domestic” or “#intimate_partner” violence, from mercy Techno we want call out listeners and institutions to make aware that this is a social issue and we, as society, and the State should take measures for prevention.
#Psychotherapy_waiting rooms would be emptier if we all would listen to the affected ones and will take psychological abuse as serious as it is. This starts by speaking up and making it visible.

To the ones who not only want to hear but listen to, here is a gaslighting story shaped in one hour mix.
Becky Jaraiz – Illustration aka #Sarkha

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